Our admiration and respect for biodiversity has led us to put into place all the means available to us to protect it and recuperate it.

With projects that help to achieve this, in the wine industry, in culture and innovation, the Vivanco family is managing to put the Estate in the place it deserves: head-on with nature.


The basis of our viticultural commitment is to make wine with maximum respect for the grape, to transmit the characteristics of our wine from an ecological perspective.
To this end, we adopt organic viticultural techniques and we only use the Estate’s own yeasts.

We also have a vine-oriented and not so much a winery-oriented working philosophy, adapting the style of the classical French “laisser faire”.

100% GREEN

In the winery we commit to 100% green energy.

Work is being carried out to bury the electricity lines so that birds do not collide with them during their migratory routes and to reduce the effect of the radiation to the life of the vineyard and the fauna.
Likewise, the materials of the building where the tasting area is located are organic and the power used for lighting comes from wind energy .


Finca Milagro offers the different species that live in the area, favourable conditions to make the vineyard their living ecosystem. Animals can find different shelters located in strategic places.

Noteworthy are the 50 houses for birds and bats, beehives, hotels for insects, ponds where they can drink and shelters made of stone from the area.

The design of these small “homes” bears in mind the characteristics and needs of each one of the types of species. Further, the construction of these places is respectful with the environment. For example, in the case of the houses, they have been made with sustainably managed forest timber. .


On the other hand, to improve the area’s flora we have started up a reforestation project, which has begun with the planting of pine trees on 2700 m2 of vineyard. Its aim is to replant autochthonous species, which will continue to contribute to its transformation.